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Grades K-2 Physical Education Activities

This Activity Box for children in grades K - 2 includes over 400 developmentally appropriate, non-elimination games and activities that are super fun and easy to set up. Each card in the box features detailed instructions for how to play the game and lists the equipment that is needed.

Below are a collection of sample activities from the CATCH K-2 Activity Box. The K-2 Activity Box is available for purchase on the Flaghouse online store.

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Sample Unit Plans

Following are sample unit and lesson plans using CATCH activities from each Activity Box.

People Dodge - #4

Students attempt to dodge each other. 

Simon Says - #5

Teacher performs various warm-up movements by saying “Simon Says” to cue students to imitate the movement.

The S Trail - #7

A game of follow the leader in which groups must avoid contact with other groups.

Let's Get Together - #8

Students perform locomotor movements in groups. 

Go Fish - #9

Students pretend they are traveling through an ocean and should travel without touching others.

Alphabet Walk - #11

Students imagine their feet have been dipped in paint. They explore how the body moves by painting letters on the ground.

Count Down - #59

Students will jog and touch the polyspots with musical cues. 

Shaping Up - #60

Students walk around the perimeter of the rectangle in the same direction and alternate their locomotor movements. 

Locomotion Commotion - #110

"Its" attempt to tag walkers. 

Dragon's Tail - #119

Dragons skip throughout the activity area attempting to pull the tails of other dragons.

Frogs, Flies, & Lily Pads - #128

Frogs have 1 minute to catch flies from the pond and return them to their lily pad.

Race & Reach - #169

Students travel in pairs around a track. 

Kick-Kick - #208

Pairs kick (pass) the ball back and forth to each other.

Parachute Warm-Up - #303-305

Students perform various parachute activities. 

Interval Running - #307

Students walk counter-clockwise around the parachute and gradually increase speed to a slow jog.

Popcorn - #308

Students toss around popcorn (foam balls) on the parachute. 

Hotdog, Mustard, Relish - #309

Students will rotate around the parachute on the teacher's command. 

Spotlight Dance - #311

Students will take turns dancing under the parachute. 

Mirror, Mirror -#329

Leader moves body, while staying stationary, and partner attempts to mirror their actions.

Flap Jacks - #355

Students pretend to be chefs; the paddle is a frying pan. Students will “cook pancakes,” (the beanbag).

Gotta Wanna Beanbag - #369

Students move to the other corners to retrieve the beanbags and bring them back to their “home” hoop.

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